Saying No to a Vet

In a recent Slate article, Emily Yoffe criticized veterinarians for not understanding that pet owners don’t always need everything they do for their pets. She implied that veterinarians are merely in it for the money, but pet owners are often so attached to their animals that they can’t resist paying for their services. The answer? Be firm and polite, but also remember to keep an open mind.

Always remember that veterinarians are professionals who have years of training and education. Disregarding their advice can cause your pet harm, hurt your relationship with your vet, and even damage your pet’s health. Of course, you have the right to research your pet’s health on your own, but always remember that the best way to know what you should and shouldn’t do for your pet is to listen to your veterinarian. Ultimately, a veterinarian has been there for many years, and they hoped you would, too.

If you are unable to afford the service, a vet may be able to work with your budget. If you don’t have a credit card, ask if there is an alternative method of payment. CareCredit is an alternative to credit cards that many veterinarians accept. Most emergency clinics accept this card and will review your credit rating for you. Whether your veterinarian accepts CareCredit will depend on your financial situation.



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