Pore tightening serum Pores become smaller when used.

If there is a problem with large pores Which serum is good to use to help smooth skin? Solve the problem of large pores

Note : Skin care products center facelabs Our products are developed from the research of dermatologists. The products are suitable for all skin types.

What causes large pores?

  1. Karma is very difficult to resist at this point. Because the main cause of enlarged pores is heredity from parents. sent directly to us
  2. Sex hormones, testosterone, making an oily face – large pores, girls who have a lot of testosterone Prepare to write down a list of serums to reduce pores to enter the dungeon!
  3. Not getting enough rest The less sleep, the more it invites the face to be dehydrated and dehydrated. It makes pores lighten easily. It’s sad.

4.It interferes with the skin too much. Both skin care helps to shed dead skin cells, pollution, and smoke that hurts the skin. or scrubbing your face

Too much can cause the skin to be disturbed until the pores are larger.

5.Do not apply sunscreen This point many people overlook. But it is one of the reasons that the skin is damaged by UV rays until the collagen disappears. Pores are even larger.

How do you fix large pores?

– Don’t sleep late. If you don’t want to be a zombie with large pores, get enough sleep. I decided to say goodbye to the screen and go to sleep. It will be beautiful from the inside and outside.

– Apply sunscreen. When we wake up, we have to wear clothes. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to my skin. The skin will not be damaged by the sun. until large pores Expensive skincare won’t help.

– Laser Laser is another good solution for the problem of enlarged pores. But in exchange for a course fee that has a reasonable cost.

– Use skin care products that help tighten pores. By using gentle natural extracts to help tighten pores smaller and gently exfoliate skin cells. Pores will be shallower.

Pore tightening serum

– Rojukiss Perfect Poreless Serum 30ml

This brown bottle of Rojukiss Perfect Poreless Serum. I’ve been invited to put it on the list. It is the first brand that mainly focuses on solving pores problems. Therefore, this bottle He’s been famous for a very long time. It is a legendary Korean pore tightening serum. Talking about pore problems, you must think about this one.

Contains Witch Hazel Extract to help tighten pores especially and Willow Bark Extract to stimulate skin cell turnover and other natural ingredients to help reduce irritation and soothe the skin. penetrates deeply Continue to enhance the bang with DEEP PORE ACTION technology that helps solve pores in every dimension, including smaller, smaller and shallower pores in 2 weeks. Most importantly, it contains no perfume and parabens. It can be used for all skin types. Anyone with sensitive skin can use it without fear.

The texture is classy, ​​clear, odorless, intense but not sticky. Easy to spread, absorbs very quickly and feels comfortable on the skin. does not leave oily. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin at all. Continue to apply other creams and the makeup is not thick. And besides the pores, this Rojukiss serum also helps absorb excess oil from the cause of enlarged pores. and make the makeup more lasting. Will be used all over the face or drop 2 -3 drops of serum applied to the area with large pores.

– Eucerin Poreless Solution Pore Minimizer Serum 30ml.

This pore reduction serum from Eucerin answers the problem of acne prone skin. Because it helps to adjust the skin that is not smooth. There is excess oil to make it more balanced. When the skin is less oily, it can make the pores smaller.

It is an outstanding serum with innovative x2 Action that reinforces the power between Glycolic Acid and acetic Acid, a natural extract that gently exfoliates the skin to make the skin smoother and more refined. It also helps to add moisture to the skin as well.

The texture is light and watery. Personally, I think the fragrance is quite strong. Who doesn’t like anything that smells very strong? may feel pungent As for the texture, it absorbs quickly and doesn’t feel greasy.

Recommended to use in the morning – evening regularly and most importantly, do not forget to apply sunscreen as well. Because this serum has substances that help exfoliate skin cells. This will make the skin sensitive to light itself.

– Skinsista V Pore Minimizing Booster 15ml.

Skinsista V Pore Minimizing Booster This bottle is a 2 in 1 vitamin booster + cream that helps to adjust the skin condition, stimulate the production of 5 types of collagen, both helping to tighten pores. and control oiliness on the skin with vitamin B9 and natural extracts

It is a serum that helps tighten large pores. smooth skin Helps reduce acne, no parabens and alcohol, can be used for both normal – oily skin and does not irritate sensitive skin as well.

The serum is white and clear with yellow vitamin granules mixed in. It has a very distinct fragrance. The texture is heavy on some skin, people with dry skin might like it. But for people with oily skin, it might feel heavy.

Apply to the skin and it will absorb into the skin more slowly than others. But once absorbed, it doesn’t leave any oiliness. Let go of the gluttony. How to use it, apply it to clean skin regularly in the morning and evening.

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