Is it Worth Buying an iPhone 13 Pro 1TB Variant?

Apple has unveiled its new iPhones and the official release date will be later this month. It’s no secret that millions of people get excited about new models and the release date, too. iPhone 11 users are primed to buy the new model, while the older users of the iPhone may be tempted by the increased storage capacity. But, is it worth buying an iPhone 13 Pro 1TB variant? Let’s take a look.

The base storage is 128GB, while the 1TB variant has 256GB. The iPhone 13 Pro supports 5G, but only in the U.S. It has both a physical nano-SIM slot and an eSIM, which is compatible with a number of carriers. Apple lists the carriers that support eSIM on their website. Apple’s iPhones also offer wireless charging.

Apple provides a lot of features that users love, while maintaining a higher value. As a result, it’s worth considering an iPhone 13 Pro with 1TB of storage if you’re looking to sell it in the future. It’s possible to trade-in an iPhone 13 Pro for a higher value – however, it depends on how you sell it. Most mainstream buyback companies will pay less for the iPhone 13 Pro because they have high overhead costs and aren’t specialized in the model.

The iPhone 13 Pro comes with 1TB of storage and has an IP68 rating. Both are compatible with 5G, WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0, but the iPhone 13 Pro is the more expensive model. Both devices have plenty of storage, so if you have lots of photos and videos to store, you’ll find the 1TB storage useful. If you plan to shoot video in 4K, the 1TB option will come in handy.

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