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How to lift and move a knock-down house

Knock-down house transport Building a house that can move according to the standard should use a medium-large 6-wheel vehicle with 170-240 horsepower, a flatbed pickup truck with a span of at least 6 meters long and 2.4 meters wide. There is a bathroom that weighs about 5-6 tons. It should be used as a 10-wheel car, 1 axle or a 10-wheel car with 2 axles to transport along the hilly path. or the way up the hill

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  • Truck 10 wheels, 2 axles, 240 horsepower.
  • Truck 10 wheels, 1 axle, 160 horsepower.
  • Small 6-wheel truck, 1 axle, 117 horsepower.

Fiber cement steel frame knock-down houses Will weigh about 3-4 tons (except the deck version) in the load should take into account the weight of the house and the weight of the truck. They should not be equal or similar. The truck should weigh more than 1 times, the better and safer it is.

Design height for transporting the knock-down house, the highest point located on the car should not exceed 4.8 m. calculated from the height of the truck floor about 1.25 m. + the house located on the car

If it is too high, you will meet

  • Low wires
  • Red light
  • overpass
  • etc.

The distance for easy transportation is not more than 4.5 m.

planning each move Should explore the route and see the job page as follows

  • Can I enter the narrow road, can I turn, can I make a U-turn?
  • Low wires? Branches, trees blocking?
  • Bridge size, bridge height, underpass
  • Can I enter the motorway expressway?
  • etc.

Important when moving Should be a secondary route or moving at night from 2 pm or more to avoid traffic jams and avoid traffic obstructions

Normally there will be a fine for a 10-wheel vehicle, 200 baht per vehicle, a 6-wheel vehicle, 100 baht. This is because it is illegal to carry a load, that is, the width of the house will overflow out of the truck. The maximum fine that the author has ever been fined is 1,000 baht.

error example should be extremely careful

Transporting a house using a small truck to a medium 6-wheel vehicle weighs 3.5 tons, but transports a house that weighs 4 tons.

cause car tire problems during transportation

Caution problems installed on the hill does not support the wheels firmly causing the car to flow down a hill and fall into a reservoir, sinking completely

moving work

Hand chain hoist by a home builder company that uses a knock-down house to have a size of 2-3 ton. It is a hoist made in Japan (made in Japan) because it can lift a full ton of weight.

From experience Hand chain hoists should not be used. made from China because it is easily damaged, not durable and cannot be fully lifted according to the standard weight The author had tried using a Chinese reel. It appears that between Operate the pulley causing the chain to get stuck. When the technician tries to surge causing the chain to fall off and the house to fall down and be damaged

  • Price of Japanese hand chain hoist, size 3 tons, price about 7,500 baht.
  • Price of Chinese hand chain hoist, size 3 tons, price about 3,500 baht.

moving work hand chain hoist

The pulley base uses steel round pipe size 3 inches, thickness 3.2 mm., steel hangers use 1 inch solid round steel (steel shaft)

Steel beams for lifting the house. Use 6-inch C-section steel to connect, coupled, 5 meters long.

Model house with roof weight 2-4 tons used

  • 4 pulley legs

Deck model house, weight 4-6 tons, use

  • 6 base pulley legs

moving work hand chain hoist

Before traveling for transportation, lock the car firmly attached to the house.

moving work installation on site

moving work used for lifting cranes

Due to the knock-down of the fiber cement steel frame. Weighs more than 2.5 tons. Can’t use a 5 ton crane to lift. Must use a 30 ton large crane.

Using fabric slings around the corners to bear the weight on the upper beams on both sides by attaching 4 corners. The crane service fee per hire is about 7,000-10,000 baht, depending on the distance near/far.

*** In the event that the crane finger point is not made open the roof and use DB12 cane stalks to be bent into ears and welded into a longitudinal line on 2 sides, not less than 10 cm. tightly around the inside of all 4 sides

Moving work using a trailer towing

At present, trailers are being used to tow the knock-down houses. Building a house in a more mobile form for the moving area is not far, the advantages of the trailer. The floor will be lower than the truck. causing no problem in the distance of electrical wires or entering narrow spaces or the truck is inconvenient to go back and forth

The author used to build a trailer-like motorhome as well, but it’s safer to use a 6-wheeled vehicle because the house + trailer weighs 3-4 tons, but if it’s a pick-up truck, it weighs only 1.1/2. Tons may not be safe Because the weight of the car is less than the house + trailer, must be very careful.

Example of installation of columns and steel plates, base footing

An example of installing a steel anchor, fixing the steel plate and bringing the house to set up

in case of cracks caused by moving cracks of fiber cement board

  • Cracks not more than 2 mm. can use acrylic filler or chemical putty for small cracks.
  • Large cracks 2-10 mm. Use 302 acrylic sealant to fill the groove first and apply an acrylic filler to the acrylic sealant. Allow to dry and sand to smooth.

***302 acrylic sealant, the material is flexible like rubber. Use to fill the groove, can not be polished

In the case of cracks at the seams Fiber cement board walls, use polyurethane sealant in case of cracks at the joints. Fiber cement lumber, use acrylic sealant.

Example of knock-down house installation with concrete base

***In the case of not embedding steel plate Use a drill to drill holes and hammer the DB12 steel firmly. Use the DB12 steel to join the steel plate. and used as reinforcing steel as shown in the picture Before pouring concrete over the pillar foot cover

In case of wanting to hold more firmly, use epoxy plugged steel together with anchoring.

Should pour cement, sand or concrete, cover steel plates, steel pole feet for beauty. and prevent rust

In the case of a large dwelling, NCPO poles should be used to support the weight of the columns and steel beams.

before handing over the work The base of the column should be painted with shell flintkote super (green) for external work height 10 cm. to prevent rust at the base of the steel pole

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