Curing the Travel Lust via High-Speed Internet: Things You Can do When You Can’t Travel

With the coronavirus outbreak, a temporary travel ban has been imposed on major virus hit countries of the world. Due to this, many people, along with those who have planned their trips in 2022, are confined in their homes. While there is no substitute for traveling there are plenty of other things you can do to cure the travel lust. All you need for this purpose is a high-speed internet service. dumpor

Du to coronavirus outbreak things shifted dramatically around the world. Students are getting an education online. People are working remotely. And the rest of the world is just locked up in their home wondering when the self-isolation will end and the normalcy will be revived. By out of all these people, the saddest people on earth due to the virus outbreak are the travelers an people who planned their tips in 200.

We truly feel the pain of those people who were supposed to click the picture and eat delicious delicacies at their travel destination but are now eating bread and butter and browsing pictures of travel spots online.

As we said above that, there is no substitute for the real traveling but for your comfort; we have listed down some of the interesting ways through which you can cure the travel lust in you. And like we said that for this purpose you need a high-speed internet so here’s a little information about that as well:

If you are living in the United States, you might be facing a severe lockdown, since the coronavirus outbreak is intense in the country. However, the good news at this time is that WindstreamInternet service is also available in 18 states. Windstream internet that provides high-speed internet that is like a cherry on for those looking for entertainment in the quarantine.

Therefore, without further ado let us jump into details of the thing you can do for satisfying your inner traveler during a lockdown:

Create or Update a Bucket List

We all wanted to create a bucket list for traveling. But due the usual hectic days, we never got the time to actually make one. Since there are some extra hours on your hand due to lockdown, it is the best time to create the bucket list.

The usual travel bucket list includes putting places you like to travel in the future. But you can add a little twist to it. You can now create a bucket that not only has the travel destination listed in them but also note down the restaurants you want to try there.

You can browse your next travel destination online and get into details of which restaurants serve the best local food there.

Collect Travel Inspired Material on Social Media

Just because you cannot travel right now, does not mean you cannot do it in the future. So in order to motivate yourself for future traveling take some information from the social media world.

There are tons of accounts on Instagram dedicated to traveling. People there post picture-worthy places. Or restaurants that you should try. Or places that you simply like to wander in. So, while you have a lot of time in lockdown you should invest it in collecting material that will come handy in the future.

By knowing where to click the best pictures or try the best food, you can make full of your future travel plan.

Just Travel Virtually

No, we do not think the world is ending and you will not ever get the chance to visit the place you fancy. What we believe is that this uncertain situation is temporary and will end pretty soon. Also what we think is that since you have some extra hours to spend why not buy it in doing something that gives you pleasure.

As s traveler,nothing is more satisfying than traveling, sightseeing and just being at the spot you fancy. So while you can’t physically be there right now, you can still satisfy yourself with a virtual tour.

You can take a virtual tour to local museums, the national parks, and also visit the zoo just by sitting in your home.

Other than this, you can have mini-tours through Snapchat stories and Instagram stories highlights online. f95forum


Due to the global pandemic situation, it has become impossible to travel or even think of traveling in the coming weeks. What you can do right now is have a high-speed internet connection and satisfy yourself with a virtual tour, travel reading and collecting all the relevant and needed information for your future travel plans.

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