Can Dogs Eat Vanilla?

When your dog eats vanilla, he or she is likely to develop symptoms that resemble alcohol poisoning. This is because vanilla has an extremely high alcohol content, which can be toxic to dogs. This extract is also filled with xylitol, an artificial preservative. While small amounts of alcohol can cause worrying symptoms in dogs, the effects are more severe in larger amounts. Alcohol consumption can cause seizures and dehydration. In fact, some forms of vanilla extract are toxic to dogs.

If you feed your dog too much sugar, they may develop diabetes and become overweight, which can lead to joint pain, heart disease, and difficulty breathing. Sugar may also cause your dog to suffer from dental problems, urinary tract infections, and seizures. Sugar consumption can also lead to ketoacidosis. Fortunately, there are many safe alternatives to sugar. You can purchase baked dog treats with vanilla flavor in them, which only contain 44 calories per serving. Your dog will most likely love these treats, but you should monitor their behavior.

If you notice that your dog is vomiting after eating a small amount of vanilla extract, do not force the dog to vomit. This will remove the toxins from their digestive tract. If your dog does not vomit, consult a vet right away. If your dog cannot vomit, you can induce vomiting by giving it 3% hydrogen peroxide. If your dog still does not throw up, repeat the treatment. In some serious cases, your dog might even need to be put on anti-seizure medications.

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