6 Benefits of Professional IT Support for Solicitors

Being a solicitor is hard work, as you are operating in a complex and diverse sector with a lot of rules and regulations. There is no reason why a solicitor should make things more complicated by themselves by not having their IT managed properly. A lot of solicitors, particularly those running small practices, may be tempted to neglect it, but IT support as actually a very good piece of insurance to have in today’s age of digital-centric work. We discussed this with a London-based company that has experience providing business IT support London solicitors rely on. The company – TechQuarters – went into detail about what professional IT support for solicitors entails, as well as why it’s important and what benefits it offers.

Professional IT Support & Why Do Solicitors Need It?

Every business that uses technology needs to have IT support in place – whether it’s a single laptop, or a complex cloud infrastructure. In fact, the longer an organisation operates without any IT support, the more disastrous it can be when a major IT failure hits them – and, unfortunately, it is not a question of if an IT failure happens, but when it happens. Not all businesses can afford to hire top-notch IT talent, and so a cost-effective solution is to work with a professional IT support provider. According to TechQuarters, the cost to access the expertise offered by providers like them is much better value than hiring one’s own in-house IT team.

Benefits of Professional IT Support for Solicitors?

There are a number of benefits to using professional IT support services. Usually, an IT company will specialise in certain sectors, so finding IT support for solicitors is usually not hard, and will have many great advantages, including…

  • Better File Management

It is a well-known fact that solicitors deal with a lot of paperwork. Managing all that paperwork can be hard and sometimes frustrating. But an IT company can help solicitors implement the right file management system to make dealing with paperwork much easier. For instance, TechQuarters has helped a lot of clients onboard to SharePoint, which is an excellent platform for compliant file management.

  • Lower IT Costs

The cost of dealing with an IT failure alone can be eye-watering; so, wouldn’t it be excellent if you could guarantee minimal downtime, and avoid costly IT problems altogether? The only way to achieve this is with the right IT support service in place. Other ways that IT support can lower IT costs is by replacing legacy systems that offer diminishing returns.

  • Cloud Services

IT support companies usually have partnerships with other tech companies, in order to be able to offer their clients better deals on software and services. A great example of this nowadays is with cloud services. Many of the top IT support providers are partnered with (and certified by) cloud providers – such as Microsoft – which means they can not only offer preferential deals on cloud licensing, but also offer best-in-class support for those cloud services.

  • Backup Services

Another benefit of working with a professional IT support company is that they will be able to offer additional IT services. A good example of this (which is highly relevant to the legal sector) is backup services – which is a means of protecting data by making regular copies of it, and storing it in a secure, off-site location (or a cloud environment). The benefit of this is that it allows a solicitor to remain compliant with data retention and protection laws, whilst also insulating themselves against data loss and theft.

  • Cyber Security

Following on from the previous point, IT support companies can offer excellent cyber security advice, management and solutions. The benefit of outsourcing to a provider is that they will have much more extensive and up-to-date knowledge of the latest developments in cyber security, and their clients get all the benefits from that.

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