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5 Reasons to Choose this Magnetic Screen Door from Everlasting Comfort

Many renters and new home buyers often come into the predicament of realizing that their living space has little to no natural airflow. Many homes don’t have the convenience of a screen door or screen window built-in, which limits opportunities to let fresh air in without also inviting unwanted bugs, pests, and pollen in with it. How then, are renters and homeowners supposed to enjoy good weather days, natural airflow, and sunshine without having a screen door to ward off the inconveniences that come from a door wide open to all the natural elements?

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One alternative to the expensive, classic screen door is to install a door screen magnetic closure. A magnetic screen door is an affordable, renter-friendly, and do-it-yourself alternative to allowing yourself to enjoy the goodness of the outdoors, without having to open your door without any sense of filtration or screen in place. Magnetic screen doors may sometimes get a bad rap, as they can be flimsy and not good quality, so it’s important to do your research to find one that is sturdy, long-lasting, and of excellent quality. They exist, and one option is the Magnetic Screen Door from Everlasting Comfort which is ranked the number one bestseller screen door on Amazon currently.

So why choose this door screen with a magnetic closure? Here are a few reasons why this product from Everlasting Comfort stands out above the crowd.

  1. It’s super affordable compared to a traditional screen door. Today, the cheapest screen door is going to cost you around $100, and in many cases, it requires being installed by an installation professional. It can be hard to find one that is the correct size for the doorframe you’re looking for. Choosing a door screen magnetic closure through Everlasting Comfort will cost you less than $25. It can be installed in mere minutes and comes with an instructional video and an easy installation kit, so you can do it yourself without a headache. Additionally, it fits many different types of door frames, from anything from a sliding screen door, RV door, a balcony door, to a front door.
  2. It has a reliable closure feature that will close after you walk through it. With 26 ultra-strong magnets compared to the average 10-18 that come on a magnetic screen door, this screen has raving reviews on how the magnets are strong enough to re-adhere after it is opened. There are even videos that happy consumers have posted that show their pets running through the screen door, and it closing neatly behind them. Whereas with many similar products, consumers have complained that the product is a pain to have to manually close behind them every time they step through. Weak magnets are one of the main indicators that a door screen will not stand the test of time.
  3. It is made of excellent quality materials that last. The reviews don’t lie. This magnetic closure door screen lasts year-round and withstands every type of weather element. It is not merely a product you can install during the spring and summer months but then must take down in the winter. It lasts because the mesh that makes up the screen door is made of heavy-duty mesh. Another complaint that many other magnetic screen doors endure is their tendency to tear after wear. Because this product is made up of higher quality mesh, it is made to withstand pressure and puncture.
  4. It is pet and child friendly. This magnetic screen door fosters independence in all family members, whether it’s your child or your four-legged child. Many people choose to install a magnetic screen door because their house or apartment doesn’t have a doggy door. This is another additional expense that can be pricey and require professional installation. By choosing the Everlasting Comfort door screen magnetic closure, your pet can come and go as they please and can help in potty training and fostering independence. Additionally, the screened closure allows you to keep a watchful eye on your children playing outside in a way that you can still hear and see them, while not leaving the backdoor fully open.
  5. It’s a screen door alternative that is renter-friendly. This magnetic screen door closure utilizes black metal thumbtacks and a large roll of hook and loop backing tape. It has a video tutorial on how to install, and it is as equally easy to tear down as it is to set up. This closure can be as temporary or as permanent as you want. At the end of the day, a magnetic screen door is a great way for renters to enjoy the best parts of outdoor living when the weather is nice, all while keeping your abode renter-friendly and pollen, pest, and bug-free.WCOforever allows you to stream free cartoons and anime, and does not require any form of payment.

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